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Neurolinguistics and Fundamental Physics

Neurolinguistics and Fundamental Physics

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General Neurolinguistics

General neurolinguistics is meant to corresponds to the major revision of General Semantics that Alfred Korzybski mentioned on numerous occasions as most likely to occur within 25 years of his passing away (he passed away in 1950), and that naturally derives from it when the mental barrier caused by the unwarranted certainty that physical reality cannot be confirmed with certainty and cannot be objectively understood is removed.

Interestingly, the analysis leading to this particular revision was carried out in the 1970's, that is, within the time frame that Korzibski expected, even though it was fully documented only much later due to the time required to localize all confirming formal references.

The objects of this method are the functional description of the verbal areas of the human neocortex, seat of conceptual thinking, and of the manner in which Nature allows optimal structuring and use of these areas.

The following question now comes to mind: "Do these verbal areas naturally structure optimally for each human being?"

The answer is definitely "No!" Despite the fact that all human beings naturally have the potential to fully develop all verbal abilities, only a handful of humans can be traced to have had such luck during the known history of mankind, and then only by sheer chance, since such optimal structuring always was dependent on a unique and seldom encountered combination of favorable family and social circumstances.

But now that the structuring process is fully understood, do the verbal areas of more humans more often end up optimally structured?

The answer is still "No!"... But why?

The reason lies in the very immensity of the intellectual potential of human beings. This potential is so huge that even the most complex everyday life situations and issues require only that this potential be developed and exerted to a relatively low level.

Rather early in life, based on how an individual confronts most problems of every day life in relation to his own experience and on opinions, authoritative and otherwise, that he accepts from others, each individual eventually becomes convinced that his full intellectual potential has been reached, whatever level he objectively reached, and will then close his mind to any idea that his real full potential may not have been reached yet. Strangely, the more educated an individual becomes, the deeper this conviction will tend to be. This is why so few individuals succeed in overcoming this self-induced barrier, even today.

Interestingly, most individuals reading texts on this issue "know" with deep certainty that they belong to the very few who did not let such a barrier hinder their intellectual development!... but in reality, particularly in the more highly educated segment of the population, most of them have no idea how much more clearly they could think and understand; and there seems to exist no way to cause them to reconsider. Such an unhindered development of the intellectual potential of the largest possible number of individuals is however required for the wider ranging problems confronting humanity to be correctly apprehended and resolved.

It is observed that the extent of the period after birth during which complete and easy setting up of the proper neural basis for such optimal structuring can occur is limited to about 7 years, and that a complementary favorable environment is mandatory for complete intellectual awakening to occur. The first mandatory step for such optimal awakening involves learning to read fluently before the age of 7, age after which such training becomes much more difficult and with lesser structuring benefits, due to the hindering permanent and irreversible myelinization process of the verbal areas of the brain which is genetically activated for all children at the approximate age of 7.

Research confirmed by experience shows besides that the younger the better. The ideal situation being when children learn to read at the same time as they learn to speak (children can easily start learning to read by the age of 3 end even before).

The following diagram puts in relation the 6 books designed to progressively bring the interested reader to a clear understanding of the subject. Such a progression was deemed necessary given the effort required for an individual to question his own deep beliefs, as well as to increase his own awareness of objective physical reality, that only optimal conceptual thinking allows to correctly apprehend.

The first three books are setting up at the level of elementary popularization the various aspects of the extended reference frame required to properly assess the content of the last three books. The subject is so vast and abstract that there seemed to be no other way to completely describe it.

The final synthesis of the "General Neurolinguistics" Project was formally published in 2021 upon invitation as a Chapter titled Study on General Neurolinguistics and the Comprehension Ability in the book titled New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11 , which is part of a collection that pre-selects articles deemed worthy of attention in the global offer to be made more readily available to the community:

Michaud, A. (2021) Study on General Neurolinguistics and the Comprehension Ability.
In: Dr. Darko Nozic, Editor. New Frontiers in Medicine and Medical Research Vol. 11.
Pages 35-60.

Other articles in the same Project

INDEX - General Neurolinguistics

Brief overview of the comprehension process

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General Neurolinguistics

The Neurolinguistic Foundations of Intelligence
General Semantics



The Neurolinguistic Foundation

153 pages

How Korzybski's General Semantics
combines with Neural network discoveries
to allow full control of the thinking process

Synthesis of past research
confirming the benefits
of early tutoring of all verbal skills.

eBook pdf epub kindle low cost
Einstein's Operating System
IQ Control

Einstein's Operating System

175 pages

How Korzybski's method and neural network understanding
allow taking full control of our neocortex

In all races, there is a quickest runner
and a slowest runner,
but all runners can reach the finish line.

Description of the neural network based
human thinking process and of
how it can be used optimally by anyone.

A beginner's guide to coherent thinking.

A book that all students should read

eBook pdf epub kindle low cost
Our Bankrupt Elite
Fundamental Physics

Electromagnetic Mechanics of Elementary Particles

572 pages

Description of the inner electromagnetic structure of elementary particles in the frame of an expanded space geometry that allows explaining the existence of all stable physically scatterable particles, relativistic velocities and gravity solely from Maxwell's electromagnetic theory and that consequently opens up a new and very promising avenue of research.

All electromagnetic properties usually associated with underlying fields become direct properties of each individual elementary particle. While classical, relativistic and quantum mechanics describe the motion of bodies and particles, this electromagnetic mechanics proposes a description of their fundamental nature and an explanation to the cause of their motion and the reason why they naturally tend to self-propel at constant velocity and self-guide in straight line when no external force is acting on them, on top of possibly revealing a new and apparently inexhaustible source of energy.

eBook pdf epub kindle low cost
Expanded Maxwellian Geometry of Space
Fundamental Physics

Expanded Maxwellian
Geometry of Space

320 pages

Electromagnetic Mecanics of Particles

Applying General neurolinguistics
to resolve the fundamental physics conundrum

A causality based model meant to integrate all issues unresoved
by Special Relativity and General Relativity
by integrating a relativistic effect in nucleons
not taken into account by either theories,
and that reconciles Quantum Mechanics with causality.

eBook pdf epub kindle low cost
A Future as an Heirloom

A Future
as an Heirloom

279 pages

Awakening of Intelligence in Young Children

(Guide for Parents)

Parents can play a key role in the intellectual development of their children.

eBook pdf epub kindle low cost
Theory of Discrete Attractors
Fundamental Physics

Theory of Discrete Attractors

228 pages

Introduction to causalist physics

Description of the various verified characteristics
of stable elementary particles.

Discussion of Quantum Mechanics,
Maxwell's theory
and of the gravitation theories of Newton and Einstein
from a causality viewpoint.

eBook pdf epub kindle low cost
Our Bankrupt Elite

Our Bankrupt Elite
300 pages

State of the elite of a society
after 50 years of emphasis on early specialization
at the cost of a depressing neglect
of an adequate general knowledge base teaching
severely hampering the elite's ability to resolve social issues

After 40 years of neglect to address the critical need for children to be taught to read and write properly before the end of the first year of primary school resulted in 50% of Quebec active population being categorized as functionally illiterate in 2003 by the OECD despite systematic scholarization up to junior high school, with worse figures yet now taking shape for 2012.


eBook pdf epub kindle low cost

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