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Our Bankrupt Elite
Fundamental Physics
Electromagnetic Mechanics of Elementary Particles
584 pages
Description of a spacetime geometry that allows representing the mutual induction of electric energy and magnetic energy within elementary particles in motion in conformity with Maxwell's equations.

This book explores the foundations of an electromagnetic mechanics of elementary particles whose laws apply by structure to the sub-microscopic level, the macroscopic level and the astronomical level, thus allowing the reconciliation of electromagnetism, Quantum Mechanics, Relativistic Mechanics and gravitation.

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Our Bankrupt Elite
Física fundamental
Mecánica electromagnética de las partículas elementales
592 pages
Descripción de una geometría del espacio tiempo que permite representar la inducción mutua de la energía eléctrica y de la energía magnética dentro de las partículas elementales en movimiento con arreglo a las ecuaciones de Maxwell.

Esta obra explora los fundamentos de una mecánica electromagnética de las partículas elementales cuyas leyes se aplican por estructura a los niveles submicroscópico, macroscópico y astronómico, permitiendo así reconciliar el electromagnetismo, la mecánica cuántica, la mecánica relativista y la gravitación.

Our Bankrupt Elite

Our Bankrupt Elite
300 pages

State of the elite of a society
after 50 years of emphasis on early specialization
at the cost of a depressing neglect
of an adequate general knowledge base teaching
severely hampering the elite's ability to resolve social issues

After 40 years of neglect to address the critical need for children to be taught to read and write properly before the end of the first year of primary school resulted in 50% of Quebec active population being categorized as functionally illiterate in 2003 by the OECD despite systematic scholarization up to junior high school, with worse figures yet now taking shape for 2012.


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Expanded Maxwellian Geometry of Space
Fundamental Physics

Expanded Maxwellian
Geometry of Space

320 pages

Electromagnetic Mecanics of Particles

A causality based model meant to integrate all issues unresoved
by Special Relativity and General Relativity
by integrating a relativistic effect in nucleons
not taken into account by either theories,
and that reconciles Quantum Mechanics with causality.

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A Future as an Heirloom

A Future
as an Heirloom

279 pages

Awakening of Intelligence in Young Children

(Guide for Parents)

Parents can play a key role in the intellectual development of their children.

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Theory of Discrete Attractors
Fundamental Physics

Theory of Discrete Attractors

228 pages

Introduction to causalist physics

Description of the various verified characteristics
of stable elementary particles.

Discussion of Quantum Mechanics,
Maxwell's theory
and of the gravitation theories of Newton and Einstein
from a causality viewpoint.

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The Neurolinguistic Foundations of Intelligence

The Neurolinguistic Foundation

153 pages

On the need for early childhood mastery
of reading skills

Synthesis of past research
confirming the benefits
of early tutoring of all verbal skills.

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Einstein's Operating System

Einstein's Operating System

175 pages

Can you become as intelligent as Einstein?

In all races, there is a quickest runner
and a slowest runner,
but all runners can reach the finish line.

Description of the neural network based
human thinking process and of
how it can be used optimally by anyone.

A beginner's guide to coherent thinking.

A book that all students should read

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