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Neurolinguistics and Fundamental Physics

Neurolinguistics and Fundamental Physics

Lab Manual / User Guide

  • Classical Mechanics
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    SRP Air Cussion Table

    Physics teaching equipment for High School and University levels

    Designed to facilitate teaching of Newtonian classical mechanics

    Allows among others:

    • Collisions of all types: head on or grazing.
      Collisions can be perfectly elastic, semi-elastic
      or perfectly inelastic
    • Study of energy and quantity of motion
    • Study of linear and parabolic (balistic) acceleration
    • Measure of gravitational attraction(g)
    • Study of kinetic and potential energy
    • Study of gravitational ellipses
    • Study of oscilatory motion damped in viscous medium
    • Demonstration of epicyclic trajectories of the Earth
      and Moon about the Sun
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    USER GUIDE part
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    150 Pages. Price $25.00
    By William G. Plaus, Mark Dokurno
    for Eugène Michaud, FEC
    Revised and completed by André Michaud

    Easy to set up (5 minutes) and operate

    Clearly marked trajectories and precise spark timing

    Life size graphs (20" x 23"), on regular paper

    Rugged construction, requires little maintainence

    Low operating costs.

    Table of Contents

  • Summary of the manual

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